REFILL OF Non-toxic Pink Rosebud Petals Perfume with Quartz Crystal Ball Roller Applicator

This is the Refill version of this item, which means that it comes with return shipping to enable you to return the roller ball applicator from your previous perfume purchase from BUY GOOD GOOD.

This Non-toxic perfume is made with only organic essential oils, rose water, witch hazel extract, Jojoba Oil, and Rosehip Seed Oil. There are none of the toxic chemicals, preservatives, or pesticides that often fill your mass produced perfumes and fragrances. 

This perfume comes in an eco-friendly glass, metal, and crystal roller ball applicator, which you can ship back to us in included return shipping when you order a refill of your fragrance. The roller ball is made from Clear Quartz crystal.

This fragrance is the perfect mixture of musk and romance. It will last all between half of a day to a full day, and is very easy to take on the go. This product comes with Pink Rosebud petals suspended in the fragrance, but we also sell a version that does not contain the Pink Rosebud petals suspended within the fragrance under the name "Non-toxic Pink Rosebud, Bulgarian Lavender, Vetiver Perfume with Quartz Crystal Ball Roller Applicator." Our version without the Pink Rosebud petals was infused with Pink Rosebuds before packaging.  

All Organic Ingredients:

Pink Rosebuds

Pink Rosebud Petals

Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil

Vetiver Essential Oil

Rose Water

Jojoba Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil

Witch Hazel Extract

Beet Root Powder 


Simply unscrew the metal lid and press the Clear Quartz crystal rollerball applicator onto your skin and draw a line or circle to apply the fragrance to your skin.


This product comes in an eco-friendly 10ml (1/3oz) clear glass vial with a Clear Quartz crystal roller ball, and metal lid. This posting is for the REFILL and contains the product described, as well as prepaid return shipping packaging to allow you to return the packaging from your previous BUY GOODG GOOD perfume product purchase in order to reduce waste and promote zero waste, recycling, reusing, and upcycling.  

This product is for external use only.

This product is Vegan, Cruelty Free, All-Natural, Ethically Sourced, Ethically Produced, Zero Waste, and Handmade with love in Los Angeles.