GOOD CAUSES - Supported Charities


February Non-Profit For Each Cause

The Environment: Indigenous Environmental Network

Equality: Families Belong Together

The Wealth Gap: Kiva

Healthcare: RIP Medical Debt

Childcare: Avenues For Justice

 BUY GOOD GOOD supports five permanent causes, and each cause is assigned a new charity each month.

Every product is assigned to one of our five supported causes. 15% of the total cost of each item is donated to the charity associated with the cause the product is filed under during the month the purchase was received. 

Each cause has a number of different issues that fit within that cause, and the monthly charities that are chosen for each cause seek to help improve one of those issues. Below is a list of all of the issues that fit within each of our five supported causes.


The Environment - This Cause Supports Charities Associated With Environmental Protection, Access to Clean Water, Reducing Water Pollution, Combating Water Scarcity, Creating Sustainable Alternatives, Fighting Environmental Racism, Supplying Natural Disaster Relief, and Protecting Ancestral Heritage Sites.

Equality - This Cause Supports Charities Associated With Criminal Justice Reform, Anti-Recidivism Programs, Ending Mass Incarceration, Ending Excessive Force, Immigration Reform, Refugee Support, LGBTQA+ Rights, Civil Rights Protections, Disability Rights, Gender Equity, and Indigenous Peoples Rights. 

The Wealth Gap - This Cause Supports Charities Associated With Combating Homelessness, Tuition Assistance, Micro-lending, Equal Access to Business Capital, and Supporting Populations Experiencing Food Shortages.

Healthcare - This Cause Supports Charities Associated With Healthcare Support, Access to Life-Saving Operations, Medication Assistance, End of Life Services, Access to Mental Health Services, Medical Debt Support, and Nutrition Programs.

Childcare - This Cause Supports Charities Associated With Single Parent Support, Access to Childcare, After-School Programs, Pre-K Assistance, Educational Programs, Access to the Arts, Mentor Programs, and Foster Care Assistance.


NOTE ON ISSUE AND NON-PROFIT SELECTION: We take the quality of service that our selected charities provide very seriously and vet them thoroughly before selection. Please let us know if you are aware of any issues with the charities and non-profits we have chosen that you think we should know about, and as always, if you have any suggestions for issues that should be added to one of our causes, or charities that we should consider, please send us a message through our contact form or share them with us on Instagram.