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Our Causes

5 Good Causes, Each Is Assigned A New Charity Every Month

Every Products is Assigned to One of our 5 Causes.

Each Cause is Assigned a New Charity Every Month.

15% of Every Item Sold Goes to the Charity Assigned to the Cause Associated With That Product For That Specific Month.

The Environment

This Cause Supports Charities Associated With Environmental Protection, Access to Clean Water, Reducing Water Pollution, Combating Water Scarcity, Creating Sustainable Alternatives, Fighting Environmental Racism, Supplying Natural Disaster Relief, and Protecting Ancestral Heritage Sites.


This Cause Supports Charities Associated With Criminal Justice Reform, Anti-Recidivism Programs, Ending Mass Incarceration, Ending Excessive Force, Immigration Reform, Refugee Support, LGBTQA+ Rights, Civil Rights Protections, Disability Rights, Gender Equity, and Indigenous Peoples Rights.

The Wealth Gap

This Cause Supports Charities Associated With Combating Homelessness, Tuition Assistance, Micro-lending, Equal Access to Business Capital, and Supporting Populations Experiencing Food Shortages.


This Cause Supports Charities Associated With Healthcare Support, Access to Life-Saving Operations, Medication Assistance, End of Life Services, Access to Mental Health Services, Medical Debt Support, and Nutrition Programs.


This Cause Supports Charities Associated With Single Parent Support, Access to Childcare, After-School Programs, Pre-K Assistance, Educational Programs, Access to the Arts, Mentor Programs, and Foster Care Assistance.

Support Artisans

Stop supporting poor labor practices by replacing mass produced products with artisan made products.

Materials Matter

Purchase natural, sustainable, up-cycled, or recycled products made with 100% ethically sourced materials.

Support Change

Be the change you want to see in the world by giving to the causes you care about with every purchase you make.